Welcome to The Mint Fox Cookies & Ice Cream. This is a second generation dream come true for the Fox Family.


A little family history will explain what that means. In 2002 this location was established as Serious Cookie Clearwater Beach by my father, Harry. He is a NJ native, who raised our family in upstate NY. In 1996 our family (Harry, Diana, Steven, & I) moved to sunny Florida to be close to my grandparents. By 2002 my dad decided to quit his day job and open a family ice cream and sweet shop on the beach. This was before all of these gorgeous hotels started popping up along the sandy shore, and thankfully we ended up in the perfect location.


Fast forward 15 years and I am following in my fathers footsteps and taking over the family business. My name is Jenn, I have been managing restaurants since I graduated college in 2006 and I am beyond excited to *finally* jump in to the family business. We have renovated the store, brought in some new items, and are so exited to invite you to The Mint Fox Cookies & Ice Cream. 

We can't wait to see another generation of families enjoy our cookies & ice cream for the next 15 years! and thank you to all of my dad's loyal customers throughout the years, please stop in and introduce yourselves, I can't wait to meet you! 


483 Mandalay Avenue #114

Clearwater Beach, FL 33767